Empowering Customers To Grow Your Business.

GlamCam enables true word-of-mouth advertising. Customers recommend your brand as they experience it.

What is GlamCam?


Whether it’s an escape room, paintball adventure, or a cooking class people love to capture their best-lived moments and share them with friends and family. GlamCam enables your customers to capture and share their experience right when it happens with quality photography embedded with your brand message and offer. Current customers have a better chance to return when their experiences are validated with likes and shares while simultaneously their friends and family are exposed to your company and message.

Take your customer's photo using our app

Take 1-4 photos of the customers. Add emails or phones and send

Automatic branding of photos

GLAMCAM's automatic system adds your logo to the photo and creates a special sharing page with your business's details

Photos sent to customer's smartphone

Customers IMMEDIATLY get an email / SMS with their photo on a branded grid. GLAMCAM's tech creates a branded animation within seconds

And than the magic happens...

Customers do what they love to do - SHARE. And they share the branded photo with your logo and details. This happens in Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail, Instagram etc...

How it works


Immediatly sent via SMS / Email

Our technology will brand the uploaded media automatically and send the result quickly to your customers via sms or email.

Let's help your customers remember you!

People love images of them in their bet times! give them a branded memory from their experience easily.

Create beautiful pictures or animations!

Our app gives several options to create media. From regular images, combining multiple images and even creating a gif animation with one click of a button.

Built-in Marketing Software

Gather a quality database of your customers. Learn how and where they talk about you. Retarget them!



Understand who are your most active customers with behavior tracking. In one dashboard, know all the key metrics that drive your business - shares, views, clicks and more.


Social Automations

Post their experiences straight to your social pages with a click of a button.


Pay-Per-Click Tracking

Effortlessly add Google and Facebook tracking pixels to your landing pages for advertising and retargeting efforts.

Contact Management

Manage and keep track of your customers in one database.

Customized Landing Page


Our landing pages are fully customizable! Your branding matters to us. we want your customers to feel right at home and enjoy the experience just like you entended.

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Mobile App Subsctiption

$29 month

  • app subsctiption
  • 200 SMS messages
  • Designed landing page
  • E-mail support

Includes desktop photo hardware

$99 month

  • app subsctiption
  • 1,000 SMS messages
  • Designed landing page
  • Support

Includes premium photo stand

$269 month

  • app subsctiption
  • 10,000 SMS messages
  • Designed landing page
  • Support